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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Azi X is One Hell of a Man

Dj Azeez
Azi X is One Hell of a Man
mai 2006

For our third tape, we're proud to have one by the famous dj Azeez from Vienna, he got the excellent website recordinspector.com (we suggest you to watch it if you're looking for some rare records) ! Don't sleep !

Sick Lyrical Damager – It’s All Over
Slum Brothers – Regular Niggers
Bas Blasta – Ain’t Watcha Do
Ill Biskits – 22 Years
Peanut Butter Wolf – Don’t Turn Your Back
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Ill Street Blues
L. – Players Freestyle
Hard 2 Obtain – L.I. Groove
Mountain Brothers – Paperchase
Sleestackz – Crystal Clear (Spearhead X Remix)
Ras Kass – Anything Goes (Remix)
Artifacts – It’s Getting’ Hot (K-Def Remix)
45 king – The Horns Out
Live Wire – Fast Lane

Organized Konfusion – Bring It On (Buckwild Remix)
Raw Produce – Weight Of The World (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
Money Boss Players – Walk With The Limp
Troubleneck Brothers – 85 Live
T-Max – Relax Your Mind
People Without Shoes – Nappyhead Assassin
Nas – Understanding
Backyard Rangers – 25 & Above
Pressure – Time To Shine
Asiatic Force – In Your Face
Brainsick Enterprize – Time To Shine
Ghostface Killah – Flowers (Promo Version)

Make your own tape:
Azi X is One Hell of a Man

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Dj Noum'Z
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
juin 2002

Hi kidz, here the new tape...euh new not really indeed, i've done it in 2002 but it's still nice ( i hope ) ! The next tapes will be new ones, don't worry and don't forget to make your own tape, for this one you need a 90min ! Some of you that have heard my tape "I'll make you a tape vol.1" will recognize the b side's intro eheh ! I would like to thanks my friend dj Brasko cause i must admitt that some records are from his record collection ! - Noum'Z

Face A

02-Ak Skills - one life to live
03-Godfather Don - World premiere
04-Shock therapy - S.O.S.
05-Mista meaner - Winners & losers
06-Krumsnatcha - Gettin'closer to god
07-Encore - Love and hate (nextmen remix)
08-Da Grassroots - 3 tracks medley
09-Da Grassroots - A mother's love
10-Terranova - Chase the Blues spinna Remix
11-INI - No more words
12-Brixx feat. Mos def - What is it ?

Face B

02-Scritti politi - Tinselton to the boogie down remix
03-Emanon - For what you live (family cut)
04-Rough house survivers - you got it
05-Panda one - The essence
06-K otix - You know the name
07-Mood - Karma
08-Brainsick - Time to shine
09-God sunz - Sub sidewalkers
10-Hi-tech - Book of life
11-Camouflage large - Cocbacda9
12-Vakill - Dungeons to rooftops
13-NTC - Unrealeased
14-Isaac hayes

Make your own tape:
Noum'z's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Heavyweights Champs

DJ Nemo & DJ Battle
Heavyweights Champs
November 2002

Round A
01. Battle Nemo - Late80's/90's Heavyweights
02. Mos Def & Diverse - Wylin' Out
03. Tonedeff - Ridiculous
04. Pete Rock & Grand Agent - This Is What They Meant (Remix)
05. Battle Nemo - Geology Anthem
06. Geo-Logy (feat. Truth Enola & Dabo) - Let Me
07. C-Rayz Walz - Classic
08. Lexicon (feat. Demigodz) - Makin' Music (Remix)
09. Medaphoar - Overdue
10. Wildchild - Knick Knack 2002
11. Declaime - Caliways Remix
12. Jazzy Jeff (feat. Pauly Yamz) - Branded
13. DJ Js-One (feat. O.C.) - Beyond
14. Emanon - Emcees Like Me
15. Lazerus Jackson - Physiques
16. Busdriver - Imaginary Places

Round B
17. Nemo Battle - Rumble In The Jungle
18. Ugly Duckling (feat. PUTS) - A Little Salsa (Remix)
19. Atmosphere - Twomosphere
20. Electric Company - The Late Show
21. Dangerous Mouse (feat. Jemini) - Don't Do Drugs
22. Lacksidaisycal - Order
23. Mr Len, Mr Live & Jean Grae - Freestyle HHresistance
24. 2 For 5 - Wathz Ya Naime?
25. Nemo Battle - Puts Ain't Playin
26. People Under The Stairs - The LA Song
27. Mountain Brothers - Day Jobs
28. Sight Beyond Light - Table Turns
29. El Da Sensaï - Summer Time Blues
30. Binary Star - Solar Powered
31. Third Sight - Rythm Like A Scientist
32. KnockOutro

Make your own tape:
Round A .MP3
Round B .MP3
Cover .jpg

or send a mail to nemo@nautilusrecordz.com and have a real one!